Sleeping Giants

by GameBreax

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The powerhouse, energetic project from Omega Sparx. Includes hit singles "Juggernaut", "The Mark", "Monster Rock" and more. Great for working out or getting ready to change the world.


released November 11, 2011

Written and Performed by Omega Sparx
Production by Koncept Beats, Full Grind Productions, Kajmir Royale, Jehovah Jireh Production and Stephen Life
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by M. Slyman aka "Crucial" at CrossWorks Studio - Charlotte, NC



all rights reserved


GameBreax Charlotte, North Carolina

National Recording Artists that excel at creating cutting edge music for the entertainment industry. Our sound is a powerful blend of Hip Hop, Rock, J-Pop and Electronic Instrumentation. Our emphasis is on video games as we speak through the eyes of characters that you know and love. ... more

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Track Name: The Mark
I'm running for the Mark (Mark)
Running for the Goal (Goal)
I'm speaking from the Heart (Heart)
It's leaking from my Soul (Soul)
Yeah these speakers 'bout to blow
'Bout to rock up on the globe
Put the fire in my soul
And just tell me wh-where to Go (Go!)

Verse #1
I'm running hard for the Team
Hard for the dream
Taking the stage and rockin' the scene
My GOD is supreme
Made in His image
I flow with the Energy of a (Machine!)
On the block, but not for the cream
So that you can know my King
We can get it crunk
Don't need a club or a shoulder lean
Yeah, we on the mic, sharper than a cobra's bite
No oversight, we be droppin' hammers with Jehovah's might
Get in the race and homie please keep your chin up
Don't settle for 2nd place, be a gold plated winner
On your mark, set, ready, Go, Race you to the Radio
Faithfully we been set to blow
Anything less just let it go
GOD'll light the path for your feet like an ever-glow
So step out in Faith and walk it out or you'll never know the...

Verse #2
And I ain't chasing money,
And I ain't chasing cars
But what I'm running after,
You know I'm going hard
Yeah you know I'm going far,
Gotta go and reach the Mark
And every single thing in my way I will step and tear apart
And whether I'm a peasant,
Or whether I'm a star (star)
Living down in the hood,
Or up in the boulevard
Yeah, I'm a Free Man! Acquitted from the verdict and charge
Only words matter to me are the Words from my GOD
Dudes be saying that they praying, but don't know the vernacular
Or the belief that of what they speak, will flow to natural
If you ain't running in your lane, then I suggest that you back it up
'Cause I'm gonna finish this race and my Faith wont get tackled up
We been chilling at the party, now get wild and start acting up
'Cause the greatness inside of you 'bout come out spectacular
Ok, mark, set, ready, Go! Race you to the greater glow
I don't care whats haters say, yeah baby I'm headed for the...
Track Name: Juggernaut
Yeah, I'm a Juggernaut
(Breaking the pavement and ground up)
I am a Juggernaut
(Turning your volume and sound up)
I am a Juggernaut
(Shaking your city and town up)
I am a Juggernaut (Hey!)
I am a Juggernaut (Chyeah!)

Verse #1:
I watch this planet in panic, living in frantic
Feeling so satanic, needing a messianic
Whether Latin, Hispanic, White or Black we can stand it
Demanding what’s uncanny ‘cause God is looking so gigantic
Fire that’s volcanic, I’m coming just like a meteor
(Lyrics) a little meatier, taking over the media (Right!)
I start feeding-the the souls starving and needing-an
Anthem, well just bump this up in your ride~ (Big Baby)

Verse #2:
Yo, I drive ride slow as I cruise to your city
Don’t try to back-lip me, homie I dare you come with me
Feeling the Lord sent me, interact with the gritty
Make a league and committee,
Cause this town’s feeling a little nippy
Want it then come get me, I’m sending my aid over
Just want a little change, nothing less than a takeover
Praying brave soldiers, craving the make over
Like we’re w-waking the dead and flipping the grave over
Revival, tired of waiting, sitting in idle
We need fire, Lord~ make it rain on Your Bridal
(Shower) Walk in Your power, tired of being a coward
Getting ours, living empowered, saving souls from devour

Verse #3:
You know I’m gonna do it, let me put my soul into it
I got the goal to do it, Baby watch a soldier do it
You can’t control the movement; haters ain’t that bold to do it
I start unloading, exploding my rhymes straight to their motives
You know I’m gonna do it, let me put my soul into it
I got the goal to do it, baby watch a soldier do it
You can’t control the movement; haters ain’t that bold to do it
I start unloading, exploding my rhymes straight to their motives
More than a ritual, living in God’s principles
Use to feel dispensable (Now, I’m Invincible!!!~)
Repenting for all the time I was wasting, now it’s back to basics
Taking over for Jehovah, history in the making
Track Name: Gran Turismo
Yeah! We in the lane ‘til finish
Never get timid, gotta push it to the limit
And when you see us drive by, know the boys in your town
Got the truth with us, never backing down

(Well) Watch me roll down the street
Don’t sleep on me shawty
Put the petal to the floor
In the lane like a Maserati
Show the world how to party
We ‘bout to get it started
The Flow is hypnotic
And smooth like a Maserati

Verse #1
(Yeah, going for the Goal!~) Full press like an imprint
Sit back and (Watch!) we got the the livest transmission
Peep the transition, we step with the grand entrance
In the party, no permission, we hungry and ambitious
Stating our mission in serving the Omniscient
Going hard for the vision, so vicious (We take our pole position)
Making our coalition, deadly efficient
We Spark the ignition and just tell them to Go (Go!~)
I'm talking more than a car ride, Speed Racer, Mach 5
100 on the Dash, hear the (Roooom~), leave 'em cross-eyed
Take over Flow to snatch your mind out the dark-side
Coming in all sides, yeah we gone get it (get it!)
We're Lyrically vivid, and Spiritually driven
Every movement and pivot
We living in it, yeah you feeling it
Cause the game is too tight, compact like a civic
So we came through to push it to the limit

Verse #2
A Wordsmith, with the power to make the Earth shift
Relaxed, curving around tracks like I am 3rd Drift
Got the Inertia to murder every mountain and hurdle
Blaze through the Boro, we rock the block thorough
Lust for the fame'll make you move too quick
Crashed in a spin-off like a Cat-Woman flick
So we stay on the low, from the project bricks
And bring the swag to the kids to get equipped
Equipped with the power, Stomping with Confidence
With the Christ that's Prominent, there's no need for the nonsense
All these rappers wanna flow about the dark and ominous
Well we the light bearers, stepping up and claiming our dominance
We’re GOD’s Best, no second to next
Got 'em breaking their necks, from Reps to Record Execs
We fuse Hip Hop with the ancient Text
A good mix like the GS Lex
Track Name: Show Stopper
Yeah you a show stopper
Take a bow girl, you a show stopper (stopper)
In a land, full of impostors
You walk around proper, you a show stopper
Yeah, you a show stopper
Take a bow girl, you a show stopper
And no problem, no drama could stop ya
You tough like my Poppa, You a show stopper

Verse #1:
Girl, you’re fearfully and wonderfully made
From your nails to your braids to smile on your face
I could travel around the world for your love and your grace
Nobody compares to you, cause you a woman of Faith
(With beauty and taste) and with an attitude to match it
Got love for the Lord, girl I see your passion
Dime Status~ cause you can light the room up like magic
Number one in the pageant, 'Cause-there's-no-one-like-(You!~)

Verse #2:
Baby Girl, you shine like a temple
Love the way your smile intertwines with your dimples
I could close my eyes and just rhyme through the mental
And talk about you in every line with credentials
Yeah, Smart, Intelligent, Eloquent
Smell Heaven scent, from your God given Elegance
Sexy, but you're still living celibate
Love how you dress, keeping it fresh and relevant
And you ain't looking for a sugar daddy pimp
You waiting on a Gent and paying your own rent
Storing up money for your future Fam
While other girls broke at the club, you chilling on grands
And that day that you meet your man
Ya'll gone walk hand by hand and take the land
It's yours, Get It, Baby just take the City
God's made you great, girl you're more than Pretty

Verse #3:
(Ladies) They wanna check for your bra size
But, don’t understand you the apple in God’s eyes
All they want is some thick thighs, looking for hips wide
Stare you right in the face, with their minds and their lips lying
Girl, if you know it feels wrong, you should quit tryin’
Don’t wanna see you in another video, slip-sliding
Tired hearing ‘bout you on pole with a strip robe
Then next morning crying at church on the fifth row
You too precious baby, I can’t tip toe
Around this issue, while you’re walking around with lips swoll
Let go and put GOD in control
Make him the Lord of your Spirit, your Body and Soul
So when you walk down the street and that dude go “Whoa!”
Let that answer be “No!” if he can’t play that role
Cause you a princess, beautiful, majestic, royal
And if you forgot, let me say this for you
Track Name: How We Do
Yeah! On the block (How we do it now?)
On my grind, living life (How we do it now?)
But, Stress each building up inside (How we do it now?)
They try to play us low or to the side (How we do it now?)
(But, they can’t stop us, the World can’t drop us)
(Yeah But, they can’t stop us, the World can’t drop us)
(But, they can’t stop us, the World can’t drop us)
So lets go hard and lay me this down proper! ~

Verse #1:
We stepping on the scene, fist on the desk, we the best yet
Backed in the corner, they grab Mics like a stress test
We on a con-quest, we don’t Bench, we Arm Press
To rip bars and people outta Bon-dage
Psalmists in combat carnage
Raising up an Army through Facebook comments
All up in your News Line, glowing like a shoe shine
Seen Christians before, but Homie we the New Kind
New Breed, New League of the Justice
Got a new Substance for chicks that roll duchess
The type of power that’ll make you throw crutches
Break open doors where the hearts have been rusted
We war through the music, battle for the viewers
Power of Yeshua, we shout through the sewers
Underground Hip Hop with flavor like a Rib Shop
Get your swag back and tell them to Kick rocks

Verse #2:
I’m on guerrilla grind
Trying fill the mind, with the realest rhymes
And yeah, I’m the killer kind
To knock over Philistines
Cause, I don’t waste my time sipping on the village vine
(I’m caught the Living Whine)
So I drinking like its Miller Time!
So Militant, rhyming with ill-intent
Rip the Mic chord, like I’m crashing the backboard
I Power Forward, with the Truth like its now my Sword
Taking over the over the Game, yeah it’s my hour for it
And I don’t see no rival or opponent
Cause I’m in my own lane and I’m (Uh-Uh-On It) (beat drop)
Running over Tracks and I’m taking this moment
Wanna Wake up Dead and see them living in Atonement
Cause life’s so hard and our hearts are roaming
In the midst of thunder clouds when the Storm is enormous
But, I feel it air, homie we are Transforming
See the greatness in the Sky, feeling like a new Morning

Verse #3:
Let me show you how we do it now
Ears to the ground for the newest sound
Dynamite Flow, on the stage yeah we blew it down
The new crew in town, you know who to crown
You married the Music, then homie don’t fool around
With some garage that smells like Arm-pits
Speak life in the Hood, get them ready to harvest
I hope this music reach whenever your Heart is (it’s)
Nourishment for the soul, cause this industry’s starving~
Track Name: Monster Rock
I use to lean with it, but now I (rock~)
No more chilling, I got get mean with it, and ripping it (hard~)
Flip the script, and change the scene with it, and even the (Block~)
Hip, Hop, I’m a King with it, watch your boy (Rock!!!)

I’m a Monster in here
I’m a Monster in here (here-here-here)
I’m a Monster in here

Verse #1:
I feel just like a Monster
(With) indestructible Armor
And you cannot harm us
Stomp us with bombs and rocket launchers
Lyrically we disarm ya
Better raise your Alarm up
Cause we shift atmospheres
Whenever we lift our Arms up
(To Give GOD Honor!)
Yeah, We kill the track, resurrect it and heal it back
For the kids in the silly fads, sadistic on Philly crack
Fishers of men, we throw the Hook, then we reel it back
Look at Pharaoh eye to eye and tell him “Give my city back”
Foot prints in the street, imprints in the beat
You’ve been cold for too long, in an Instant feel the heat
The fire of GOD is moving and infusing with
The ludicrous, and studious, Kingdom Music Enthusiast
In truthfulness we’ve been sleeping our souls and our lives away
But, it’s time to wake up to Destiny, yeah the Time’s Today
(Sleeping Giants!!!~) Meditate on that Concept
One step closer to your Victory Conquest!!

Verse #2:
I’m out of my cocoon, Metamorphosis
Walking out the Orphanage
Speaking Life and Enforcing it
To the Rich and Unfortunate (GO!)
Stepping through dimensions with dominion and authority
Don’t care what society say, baby there’s a roar in me
I keep finding out so much stuff, I guess there’s more in me
The Blood of CHRIST in my arteries is starting a war in me
So I can stand up and be the Priest and Warrior Chief
Even though the world wants beef, Yo we bold!!
(see You can) Scuff my Nike’s, Tear my White T’s
Strike me, still won’t kill my psyche
I’m not your favorite rapper, don’t care if you like me
Been singing to GOD today, and finally got in the right Key
The more I turn to Him, the more that I’m permanent
Powered up in His Glory and my life start Confirming it
Burning up like a supa-nova, we making it hot
Dem Giants ‘bout to wake up and go and tear up the spot (cause we some monsters!)
Track Name: Grown Man
Man: Something inside of me is trying to wake~
To be a Grown Man, kiss you and take you away
Woman: I’ve been waiting just to hear those words
I’m right by your side…
Man: …Okay, lets jump in the ride

Verse #1:
Baby, I ain’t trying to get my mack on
I’m trying be a Grown Man, get some back bone
I know you need a ring ‘fore I touch your back bone
It won’t be that long,
But I’m trying to give you more than R&B in a Rap song
You so pretty, (Carolina’s finest)
Treat you like a Highness, Precious like a Diamond
I know you dated dudes that treated you so slimy
Like a storm cloud, but its time to change the climate
Didn’t know I was ready for love either
Found out that it was Choice and not a fever
I don’t care what problems come up, I’ll never leave ya
This World don’t understand the power of Believers
Or Jesus throwing the long ball
I catch like receivers, down for long haul
Cause Baby you a Keeper, I gotta show off
Girl, jump in the ride and yeah lets roll off

Man: Baby, you're like a fine dime, my heart is wiling
Do what can, just to keep you smiling
I don't care if Love pose a challenge
I'm a be a Grown Man, Girl you're so astounding

Woman: Boy, you're like fine wine, my heart is wiling
So confident, yeah I see you styling
I don't care if Love pose a challenge
I'm a be the woman you need, favor you found it

Verse #3:
Heinz Sight, Baby I’m trying to Ketchup
And reverse all the Time that I messed up
We ain’t kids, and I’m tired of playing dress up
So I~ (Give you my vows, ‘fore I give you that pleasure)
And before I (t-t-t) take you to that Mecca
Clothes stay on and kisses are from the neck up
Marriage in the air, and Baby we could be next up
Tailor-made Tux, pressed up for your tear ducks
Track Name: Raise The Bar
We raise the bar, get on our grind
And pray that the Lord GOD takes us far
We know who we are, best of the best
And homie yeah we ain’t settling for par
Yeah we raise the bar, don’t gotta sit by the bar
Don’t need girls or fancy cars
Just know who you are, live your life in Christ
And then shine like a super star

Verse #1:
I flow harder than the average (savage!)
Go at it! up the ante for my Daddy
Back at it for the fiends and crack addicts
Soon as I hear a beat, I'm jumping like jack rabbits
Check stats, I don't need your black magic
Won't sell the soul or the ghost for gold status
If Hip Hop’s in basement, I'm up in attic
Trying to drop classics, I'm so illmatic~
This ain't gangster rap
This is what the game needs and the gangster’s lack
More than Christian rap, yeah I noticed your trap
While you trying to box us in, we all over the map
(Check it) Put Christ in everything I do
So when the life time's over man there's more to recoup
More than just a scoop, man I’m bringing the News
Well, you can chill man I'm ready to move

Verse #2:
We journey across the valley, life is so epic~
Homie I'm battle-tested, turn rhyme into weapon
I'm fighting for you, in the post for the culture
A farmer in the fields, swiping away the vultures
All they can boast up is thugs holding their holsters
Or R&B chicks on emotional rollercoaster's
Never feeding your spirit, you're dying from the malnutrition
Living life as a mi-nute Christian
They'll do anything for an anthem
Calling for satan to grant 'em, with power to get fans chanting
Or taking the mantle of the craziest ranting
They're either Ricky Ross or a version of Charles Mansion
But it's Deeper Than Rap and I ain't trying to Relapse
So I'm taking up my cross for a victory lap
And go harder for a better tomorrow
For souls that scared up, we raise the bar up!~
Track Name: The Vow
Well when a man find a woman, homie yeah you better show her off
Making her your wife, she bringing life to the coldest heart
I'm tired of playing games, let’s get together ‘fore we grow apart
I'm making my Vow, to get in order for the dough to start

Verse #1:
Well here we go, another weekend, chilling on the avenue
Party through the night time, I’m drinking with an Attitude
Yeah I’m seeing girls, but it’s nothing if you’re counting it
I’m tired rolling ‘round and painting towns with a counterfeit
Man I got some issues, bad in relationships
If dating is a car then I’m the worst when I take the whip
Starting to give up, cause I got no one to be patience with
My heart is in the morgue, cold ice like a patient stiff
(Then there you go!) Smile with a Holy Glow
Met me in the place of “no control”
With an Open Soul, I had to notice
Beautiful through your Heart and through your Motives
You saw something in me I couldn’t even see up in myself
Caress the back of my head, and speak words of life up on my chest
I tried to wild out, but your love never abandoned me
Looked me eye to eye, then you spoke to the man in me
Spoke to the king in me, prayed and defended me
That got me to the place that I’m proposing on a bended knee

Verse #2:
Baby, If I’m the Man you been waiting for
No Maybe, you’re the Lady I’m been chasing for
The woman I’ve been aching for, and Baby I can’t take it more
But, marriage is more than an excuse to get naked for
Girl you feel my Heart rate, sweating like a prom date
I peeped your sceelow, you are Favor walking Incarnate
Put me a bomb state, wrap you in my arms for days
And serve you for the rest of my life, this Love won’t go away
[wait, wait] Girl I got your back, this a fact, you will lack for nothing and never be lonely
More than a song, yeah it’s on, you’re my Lover, one and only
Walk it out, Down that Aisle, Kiss my bride in Matrimony
Making our Vows, then tonight, you can put it on me
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) I’m loving it, Family ties and Covenant
Whenever I feel dull in life, Baby your Love is Bubble Mint
(I’m Here to protect), I’m your security service and government
May our Marriage be a standard, where people start dubbing it
Track Name: Critics
Push it to the limit
I wanna take my city
But everybody talking just like a critic
With every rhyme written
We keep the anthems and the beats hitting
But everybody just wanna be critics
Well, push it to the limit!!!
I wanna take my city
But everybody talking just like a critic
We move in the Spirit
Don't care about your doubt, man we did it
And pivot through all the lies and the critics

Verse #1:
Move units with muscle just like Hus-a-la
Free to the customers, Guzzle up ‘til you (Bubble Gut)
Rebels in the street, when we speak you can’t Muzzle Us
We fighting for the souls of the youth, ready to Knuckle Up
Squad against demons, allegiance against the legion
Armored up like Ephesians, to battle, control the region
Man it’s getting easy, so with the rhythm of the Drum Beat
We rumble in the jungle, put gorillas on Front Street
Takeover music, chew the game like its Lunch Meat
I’m trying to listen hard when GOD and His Son Speak
(pause) This song is for my Role Models
The Old Martyrs, rep Christ ‘til they smashed like Broke Bottles
Queen City to Compton, Brick City to Yonkers
For the Gospel of Jesus, (It’s Ours to Conquer!!)
From the Bars and the pubs, from the Church to the Club
To gangsters and thugs, Homie we push it to the limit
Track Name: Shut It Down
We rise up and go out, show out, no doubt (going for the crown)
Everywhere we step, we the best, ain’t settle for 2nd, but we going for the record (here and now)
We rise up and go out, show out, no doubt (going for the crown)
Everywhere we step, we the best, put a change in the sound
(And we sh-sh-shut it down)

Verse #1:
‘Bout to change up the climate while we taking over atmospheres
This is our year and homie yeah, we get it cracking here
Flowing over beats like we’re running over track and field
But we don’t need the murder, drugs and money like a racketeer
A new caliber, heat seeking Howitzer
Pop the quarter in, “Here Comes a New Challenger”
For the Atheist that swearing there’s no God
We go hard, shaping our Hook just like a crowbar
And make ‘em jerk, when we lace a verse
About the King that came to Earth in the stench of a Manger Birth
Low budget, but we make it work
For the hearts of this generation, this year we gone take ‘em first
Feeling assertive and fertile, we the bring the life to boroughs
Jumping over hurdles, with power you never heard of
Yeah~ Homie, get ready cause we’re coming to your town
Put a change in the sound, and we (sh-sh-Shut It Down!!)

Verse #3:
We stand hard as GOD Mic and Mouthpiece
While they lust for the bread, we on a diet like South Beach
But still got the fangs of a wild beast
Biting on principalities like satan was ground beef
Punchline the Beat, with words that sound sweet
‘Til they got Jesus and hoods have found peace
To plant seeds you gotta break through the ground
And hear the change in sound watch us (Sh-Sh-Shut it Down!)